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Modam Co., Ltd. aims to become a business partner for customers by providing optimal services in the fields of Indoor Interior, Video System Construction, A/V System Construction, IDC Infra Construction, and Solution provision.

1. Building a video system
- Integrated situation control system
■ Establishment of an integrated situation control system
■ ITS, BIS Control System Establishment
■ Establishment of fire/flood/fire crisis management control system
■ Establishment of a security/monitoring control system for large buildings
■  Planning/Designing complex cultural spaces such as Museum, Science Museum, Exhibition Hall, Theme Park, etc.

2. Establishment of A/V system
- A/V system
■ Establishment of Auditorium, Performance Hall, Theater, and Exhibition Hall System
■ International Conference Hall A/V and Simultaneous Interpretation System
■ Video Conference and Video Lecture System

3. Building IDC Infra
- Provide total solution for infrastructure and environment
■ Build a comfortable and functional foundation
■ Tunkey-Base business processing (design, supervision, delivery)
■ Construction, Electricity, Air conditioning, Fire fighting, and Security
■ Computer room, Machine room, Situation Room, Call Center
■ Building, Relocating, and Maintaining Environment
■ Build a Broadband wired/wireless Integrated Network

4. Solution
- Solution
- Video/Security Control, Environmental Management, Facility Failure Management.
■ One Pass System (RFID)
- Parking and Building Control
■ Integrated Control System
- Integrated Monitoring and Control Solution for the Situation Control System
- Development of Wall Controller S/W
- Development of Movement Control System
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