As da Vinci speaks through his paintings
Gaudi through his architecture
and Beethoven through his music

DIC speaks through its design.

  • Space Design

    Construction of space focused on users with completely different space design from the contemporary space design; provision of confident space design solution with vivid life pattern
  • Visual Design

    Enhancement of business competitiveness with designs reflecting the identity and needs of the company; synergy maximization of marketing and visual design through design story
  • Product Development & package Design

    Production of innovative products with high potentiality of success in market created on the basis of data collected through multilateral surveys in design, market and customers
  • Development of educational contents design for children

    Research and development of educational contents design for children to develop their creativity, problem-solving skill and integrated capability
  • design consulting

    Provides consulting service for successful business from selection of location to commercial zone analysis, interior, branding (naming logo), promotional material design and customer marketing
  • Alternative design

    Creating social value with design that is easily accessible by anyone and that can be enjoyed by anyone. Design that can be enjoyed by anyone, Problem solving through design Through alternative design, we carry out design sharing project for communication among public sectors, welfare foundation, organizations and society. Design that can be enjoyed by anyone and problem-solving through design- this is the alternative design.