• 5, Sinchon-ro 1an-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • 02.567.5062
Creative Innovative Space design Organization
STUDIO CISO is an organic organization made up of various interior designers. We select a professional company with an efficiency to realize each of our design. We grow with our competitive identity based on the design that can separate the design from the space. STUDIO CISO designs a user-centered space that is reasonable and enjoyable. The space can be perfect with new concepts by relocating and designing every elements associated with it. For this reason, Studio Seesaw competes with leading overseas design companies rather than companies in Korea. Through our merits, STUDIO CISO will pioneer and implement the design management suitable for Korean design market.

1. Creative expert group
STUDIO CISO is an organic organization made up of designers who carefully select a professional company with ability to effectively realize each project. Designers at STUDIO CISO have at least ten years of experience in the field and Master degrees in interior architecture as well as degrees in architecture.  

2. Same designer working level
Designers at STUDIO CISO have the same working level. We design spaces thorough our own stories, not for the individual satisfaction or organizational positions. We strive for creative, innovative and reasonable designs through the research of new things.

3. Sympathizing designs with stories to tell
Interior designs are everyday lives for users, they are not just any drawings. Therefore, we are confident that our designs have competitiveness comparable to that of overseas companies by arranging and solving the space through the purpose of telling the story the spaces have. The space designed by STUDIO CISO will open up new and different world to the users. 
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